Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Had an amazing time sitting down and talking with the crew from Pistol magazine. Courtney Kitner, Matt Roscoe and Dan Habershaw - and yours truly, the fat bald guy, sitting around Rens dinning room table doin our radio show thang!  Check out the Mags website by clicking HERE - and order an issue or two for yourself!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The cover of the latest issue of Hot Rod. No boring cars, 
just ugly assed garbage rat rod junk.... Hey, way to jump
on the bandwagon, 10 years late. . .

And here is the editorial that Freiburger wrote.
Hey, pal... its not a moment EVERY car mag editor dreads
just lame, jaded jerk editors, like you.
Episode 97 of the show, "the Milo shocker" is up and ready to go. Click HERE 
to go directly to the show, or hit the embeded player on the left side of the page, and listen right here.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

SHOW NOTES ep 96 - here are some of the pix of stuff we talked about on the show. . .

 Here is a pic of my Lovely beverage, (screwdriver), and me reading Penn Jillettes book, God, NO! laughing my ass of at 30 thousand feet!
 Looking out the window as we climb through the clouds just outside of Houston, Tx. on my way to Atlanta
And, here it is... the infamous YELLOW camaro. 

And finally... here is a picture of Milos "bown up" wagon. HINT- dont drain your fuel tank, in a closed garage with natural gas powered water heater using an open pilot light.
The new episode is up and ready to go! 

It's the first show of the new year!  -This week Tiny gets his voice back,  and he immediately tells us what he thinks of the NTSB report, recommending the banning of electronic devices of any kind for drivers in this country.   Then he sets his sights on Atlanta, and why that town sucks out loud, and on toast... regaling us with stories of his recent visit there.  (and subsequent nightmare troubles at and with the airport.) The show finishes up with some talk about the current cover of Hot Rod magazine. It may not be boring, but it sure is ugly as hell.  You've never been able to kill an hour and half so fast before in your life.  Remember kiddies, this is an ADULT show, we speak in big boy voices and use baaaaaaaad words.  So gird your loins and hit the play button! episode NINTY SIX is off to the races.