Thursday, February 2, 2012


This week, its the first installment of the Bakersfield history show (s) and Tiny sits down with long time co-conspirator Zombie. Along with Shag, Lumpy and Troll.  Listen to stories from the early days and learn how Tiny got his nickname (before he was just Doug) 

 The gang yakin it up. (from right to left, zombie shag lumpy and troll)

 Zombies booth at sideburn circus circa 1999

 Ive got my eye on you! kustom participant in show circa 1999

 guess who... sideburn, 1999

 Beer tent hooigans sideburn 1999
 Zombies trophy girl artwork as a tat on a show attendee sideburn 1999 

 Drummer for the Auquamarines sideburn 1999

 parking lot scene early on set up day, with Shags truck on left sideburn 2000

  everyones happy when there is beer, music and goodtimes in Bako! sideburn 2000

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