Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Find the link to the SEMA action network article about HB 1224 by clicking HERE
CONGRATS to ElRobbo studios for the following wins at the Portland Roadster Show: 
4th in altered street coupe
3rd in semi-hardtop
2nd in restored (for the '38) 
and FIRST in show for the Harley! 
awesome good job on the arm load of trophies ROB! Here are some pix of the cars-and bike- that took home the trinkets! 

...and speaking of bikes, here is one example of what Tiny and Assid were talking about when they discussed "theme" bikes and the silly things people insist on doing sometimes

 Visit Small City Cycles by clicking HERE
and keep an eye on everything Assid does, as he gets ready go to Born Free again this year!

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