Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Here are the show notes for this weeks episode! click HERE to visit the fan page set up by Shannon on FB for Tiny. 

Here are some pix from the recent interview and Rockabilly Reunion show that Tiny and Doug talked about in the interview: ENJOY! 

Doug sits in his studio and talks to Tiny

Some of the ORIGINAL "Kool Tools" Doug had on display at the 2004 rockabilly reunion show in North Las Vegas

 More random art goodness from Dougie cicra 2004

 Here is the original Torso Piece that hangs in the stairwell leading up to Tinys studio to this day...

 Doug doin his thang in Vegas in 2004 

 Doug takes a moment to personalize the torso for Tiny
(rockabilly reunion show, circa 2004)

 Dougs garage with his bitchin Pontiac resting in what is maybe the coolest garage in Garden Grove! 

 Dougs desk in his studio, commandeered with Tinys junk and radio show equipment! Thanks Doug for letting us jack up your place of work! 

 Random shot of Doug as it hangs on the wall of his studio

 Here is the bug, waiting to be decorated by Doug, as soon as he gets a moment! 

..and finally! here is the Torso Doug did for Tiny as it stands today! this is the first thing you see when you go up the stairs to the Set To Stun Productions studio and offices. 

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