Monday, November 5, 2012

Show Notes ep 141
"I dont need the fiber!" 

welcome to our show notes for ep 141 of Friction in the Static! here are your show notes for this weeks show. 

Here is the pic of Brads flyer for the Dec 1st Fire party at his shop ( the old Barris shop) 

Help out the people of storm Sandy by clicking HERE  
Here is the actual post from Johnny Brock from his FB feed - 


I am going direct for Hurricane Sandy relief.

I am collecting money to buy $5 gift cards to places like Starbucks, Subway etc. places that are nationwide. This drive will be from Friday the 2nd Til next Friday the 9th. I will then buy the gift cards and send them to a couple of Friends in NYC, that have agreed to distribute to their friends, family & Strangers who need the help.

Please send donations to my Paypal address which is (remember to mark it as a gift so we don't have to pay the 3% charge.)

I don't have much, I am on disability, but I got the first $100 to start this off!


And here are some shots of this weeks guest Christopher Kuster doing what he does, and some of his art!

Here is a link to Christopher's FB page ---> CLICK ME 

Click RIGHT HERE  to visit Christophers website, Paint by teeth! 

Hit him up, and get some of his amazing art for yourself! 

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